About Us

A FO! orchestra (DK/ML/FIN/EE/GUI) represents striking musicianship, talent and co-operation across cultural and geographical borders. The music is an inspiring mix of soulful West-African singing, groovy riffs, sassy improvisations, jaw-dropping dance numbers, quirky throat singing, rare instruments, jazzy solos – and much more.

What does “a fo” mean? 
As many of our songs are influenced by West African music tradition, so is the name of our froup. “Fo” in Mandinka language means to play, or to speak. “A” means it / her / him, referencing something or someone. When you shout “A fo!” to a musician, it becomes an encouragement, a request, something like: “Play it! Let’s hear a solo! Sing! Go for it!”

A FO! members are all experienced world music professionals, originally brought together by the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and the Sibelius-Academy of Finland.

  • Clara Aaholm – keyboards, balafon, percussion, vocals (DK)
  • Eliza Boye Mouritsen – percussion, dance, violin, vocals (DK)
  • Jenni Hanikka – flutes and vocals (FIN)
  • Kirsi Tilk – guitars, vocals (EE/DK)
  • Maarika Autio – balafon, kora, vocals, dance (FIN)
  • Mette Marie Jensen Ørnstrup – percussion, vocals (DK)
  • Salomé Dembélé/ Fanta Yayo – vocals, dance and tama (ML/GUI)

More videos and pics can be viewed in the gallery page.